Tour Miziara, a village of many stories

Earlier this summer, I took my friends to explore Miziara, in the Zgharta district, north of Lebanon. We did not know what to expect as none of us has been there before. I contacted my friend who’s a local from the village and he was more than happy to show us around.

* Distance: One and a half hours away from Beirut
* What to pack: Money, water / snacks for the road / light jacket / hat / sunglasses
* Family friendly trip, there are hiking trails there but it is optional
* Make sure your phones are charged, you will have to take photos!

Here’s the¬†itinerary I took and in order;
1- Emm el maraham landmark; a holy Christian place that will charm you from the moment you enter the gates. You will find a beautiful church with tower that you can go and have a viewpoint from the top. Spend some time there and explore it, there’s a lot of things you can see. Here’s the exact location

2- Maria Goretti Church and Plane house: These 2 places are located right next to each other, within walking distance. You will have staff on site to explain the heartbreaking story of the beautiful flower shaped church. The Plane house is basically a normal home, built in an airplane shape and size! If you’re lucky enough and know how to talk, you might be able to visit it from the inside. No photos! It is a private home. Here’s the location:

3- After being left mesmerized by what you have just seen, head straight to the huge mysterious abandoned castle! Tour it all, peak through the windows, walk in the gardens of this untouched architectural gem and absurd luxury. Golden bathtubs, 10 meter high ceilings, gold plated kitchens, and more. It will feel illegal, but it’s not, just go and don’t break anything. Here’s the exact location, don’t tell anyone:

4- You will probably have to eat at some point, there are plenty of restaurants around and quick snacks. But my choice was Ataraxia, a getaway retreat and restaurant in the heat of nature. The food is good but it’s location makes all the difference. ( Small 5 minute walk to get there after you park), here’s the exact location: (You’re in nature, there will be some bees when you eat)

5- I will leave the rest up to you! As my other half of the trip will remain private and can only be done with someone from the area so you don’t get lost or get into trouble. So feel free to explore the village (Pyramid house, viewpoints, scenic roads) or contact me so I can plan your full day trip to Miziara!

I hope this will make your trip a lot of fun and truly unforgettable!

* You don’t have to stay in Miziara all day, Ehden is close and so is Tripoli if you want to head to coastal towns
* Having a local guide will make your trip 10x better
* If you choose to hike, note that you will be challenged, Miziara offers incredible trails!
* If you want to stay overnight, Uzit Cabins is something you want to check out; here’s the secret location:

If you need any assistance for your Miziara trip, please contact me.

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