Relax at Serjbel Waterfall

If you’re tired of hiking and want to park your car 100 meters away from a scenic waterfall pouring into a perfect lake to jump in, then Serjbel is your go-to destination!

Location: Sirjbal, Chouf Region
Distance: 40 Minutes away form Beirut
Elevation: 400 Meters Above sea Level
Equipment: Swimming clothes, running or hiking shoes, water, snacks, bbq set)
Fees: 100,000 LBP for parking and 100,000 LBP per person to access the Waterfall

The thing I like the most about this place is how well the community takes care of it, it is arguably clean and has staff present at all times who take turns in cleaning the area every couple of hours. You can do lots of things there but be ready to face a little cold water!

Upon arrival, all you have to do is choose where you want to sit and put your stuff, the area is safe and you’re unlikely to lose any item. My personal recommendation is to cover your backpacks with a towel just in case and keep them in your sight. Wherever you choose to sit, your destination is the main lake where the big waterfall hits. The best way down is through the fortified ladders, the fun way down is to just jump in!

You will find ropes attached to trees and various cliffs to jump from that suit almost any level! The middle of the lake is quite deep so you will probably not hit bottom no matter where you jump from.
*Swim into the waterfall to discover a hidden room that will blow your mind!
*Any car can get there, use this location for the exact starting point:
*There is an optional hike that you can go for if you want to spice up your trip

Make sure to contact me for any additional details about this trip!

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