Qammoua Trail in Aakkar

You probably heard of “Ghabit el 3ezer”, have you ever been there? And did you know that this forest is amongst the rarest in the world? And we have a huge one! Situated in the mountains of Aakkar at high altitude, lies a small piece of heaven. The Qammoua plains.

With a two and a half hour drive from Beirut, we reached the town of “Bebnine” where had a delicious and traditional “Tannour” breakfast. After having way too much tea, we tied our shoes, put on our backpacks and headed for the trails for what ended up being a 20 KM heavenly hike.

* Duration: 6 hours for our trail (Qammoua plains + forest)
* Distance: 20 KM
* Trail: Dirt, grass, gravel
* What to pack: Water, snacks, food, hat, sunglasses, jacket, hiking gear (hammock if you have)

We started of in the Qammoua green plains, the greenest I’ve ever seen in fact, a well preserved and taken care of trail by non other than Aakkar trail. We hiked along side varius tree types, plants, and insects! After crossing the plains, you reach the entrance of “Ghabit el 3ezer”, a forest like no other, 20 meter tall trees, perfect in autumn season where everything is yellow, you can go hang a hammock there and relax in the heart of nature. The forest itself is accessible by car without having to hike through the vast plains.

What makes this place so special is how vast of a land it offers where you can camp, rent a bungalow, or go hike in its various trails! But don’t hike without a guide, people were lost there before and the area can be unsafe during certain times.

This hike falls into one of my favorites as well and it is mostly due to the views it offers and you really feel like you’re not in Lebanon. Throughout the whole trail, you see nothing that reminds of where you are. I will not be sharing the exact starting point of this location for safety purposed and will recommend you contact me to help you make this journey happen. I went with a big hiking group for a safe and ideal experience.

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