Msailha Walkway, a 35 KM paved trail

Right next to the Msailha fort on the Batroun-Chekka Highway, you can find well maintained, paved trail that goes alon the Mseilha dam. There are no entree fees or rules for this hike, where whatever you want and go!

* Location:
* Distance: 35 KM for the full trail (One way back and forth)
* Duration: (4-5 Hours)
* What to pack: Water / snacks / sunglasses / hat / light jacket

A fun and family friendly trail that is mostly flat with a small elevation gain / loss that you will not feel while walking. You can start the trail from both ends, either from the Mseilha fort or from Kaftoun. Be careful of how you plan your transportation since it is not a loop unless you want to walk the whole trail back and forth.

There are some variations in scenery along your way such as small rocky mountains and cliffs, a tiny forest, grass fields and farm lands until you reach the dam and walk alongside it. Most people consider this hike overrated and boring while I had quite some fun there. The only downside is the pavement you walk on, slabs of cement mark the trail and you have to keep your feet in check so that they don’t fall into the gaps and twist your ankle.

Other than that, it’s a good trail for beginner hikers who just want to get a feel of what it’s like. Or for people who want to have a stroll in nature with the option of stopping and heading back to the car whenever they want

* Go during spring season when the dam is full
* Get your friends, it is quite boring alone
* There might be small mud stretches that you can’t avoid in spring time

If you want to go on this hike with me, contact me and let’s make it happen asap!

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