Marj Bisri Hike | 20 KM

Imagine walking for 4 hours on flat grounds with the exact same scenery throughout the whole trail. If that’s what you’re looking for, Marj Bisri in Chouf/Jezzine will deliver it. I went on this hike earlier this year, where jackets were still a thing. It was a long journey that I don’t regret but will hesitate before doing it again.

I can’t deny the beauty of the trail, the tall grass and never ending green around us, but it got boring for a while and it looked as if it had no end. There is no specific starting point for this trail since you can go head in from wherever you like.

*Location: Chouf, 40 Minutes away from Beirut
*Distance: 20 KM for the full trail
*What to pack: Hat, sunglasses, water, snacks/lunch, extra clothes, sunscreen for sensitive skin
*Trail: Dirt/gravel
* Non-accurate location:

On your way, make sure to look around, there are ancient Ottoman/Roman ruins and bridges that pass over rivers. You can have your breaks there, take some photos, and try to imagine what life was like before modern civilization took over.

I don’t recommend you go alone, just like all trails, it is better to go as a small group with at least one experienced hiker. You won’t get lost but you might take trails that are much longer than what’s already planned. Consider giving this hike a full day for a great experience.

Here’s what my personal experience was like; I went with a large group of beginner hikers (Slow paced) so I was able to head on the tracks alone and discover the area. We started the hike from a Zipline area higher then Marj Bisri (Imad’s rock) where we had to climb down some rocky terrain. Our trek started at around 9:30 AM and took us over 3 and a half hours to get to our first break point near the ruins mentioned in the paragraphs above. Afterwards, we had a nonstop 2 hour trek to reach our final destination where the bus was waiting for us (I believe we enter the Jezzine district).

I strongly recommend doing this hike with a local guide for your own safety and for a better experience.

I have no Pro-Tips for this one! If you need any guidance or assistance, please contact me.

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