Lebanon’s Last Remaining Wetlands; Aammiq

Deep in the Bekaa Valley, lies our last existing wetlands, in Aammiq. An ideal destination in the early summer days when the water is still high from the spring season and before the crazy heat starts hitting the valley. This is a fascinating hike that will test your endurance levels by all means!

* Aammiq wetlands, Bekaa, 1 and a half hours away from Beirut
* Distance: from 10 to 20 Km (Depending on how much you decide to explore)
* Duration: No less than 2 hours for the smallest loop and up to 5 hours for the full trail
* What to pack: Sunglasses, hat, hiking shoes, snacks, 3 liters of water, sunscreen if you have sensitive skin (heat is excruciating), extra shirt
* There is an entrance fee to the wetlands ranging between 100,000 LBP and 300,000 LBP per person
* Family and kids friendly but must make sure everyone is protected from the sun

Heavily recommended to go in the day time and preferably start your hike by 10 AM the latest. The Bekaa region offers stunning views of the whole valley along with the eastern mountain chain of Lebanon. Entering the Wetlands, you will have to take a moment to read the instructions and information about the wildlife you are about to encounter. So get your bug spray on and get walking!

The iconic landmark of our wetlands are the Syrian Water Buffalos. Giant vegan animals that might get a little too close for comfort! You can feed them any vegetable you have or pick some tall grass from around you. Remember to keep your distance and take some cool photos of them! They are only present in these wetlands and nowhere else in Lebanon.

The whole trail is flat, you will face no uphills and no downhills so rest assured, what you will face is the sun directly baking your trail. I personally had my hat on with a neck shield so that I don’t get sunburnt on the back of my neck. With sunglasses on at all times.

At the end of the trail, instead of heading to the same place you entered from, you can walk your way to a farm where you can have live encounters with ducks, horses, and poneys! You can feed them and maybe try to pet them. It is totally worth it to end the trip there in my opinion.

The trail is safe, staff is present and it is well taken care of however, I advise you wrap up your day before sunset and head back home early as the area there is not the best place to be at night. Especially if you’re not from around there. You should expect some signal cuts in specific areas of the trail, don’t panic and go as a group.

* Don’t overpack, it will exhaust you
* Go with an organized hiking group for a full experience
* You will get a “Wild Aammiq” tag, keep it as a souvenir
* Get in touch with a local guide for a better experience if you’re alone or with a small group
* Take a fun selfie with a water buffalo, watch your butt for a nose boop!
* There will be small stretches of tree shades along the way, use them for your snack break

For more info, guidance, or details, please contact me. Have a safe and fun trip!

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