Extreme Mzaar Peak Trail / 2465 Meters Summit Altitude

Completed on 25/08/2023, this crazy hike offers a considerable challenge to any hiker at any level. The best time to head there is probably couple of hours before sunset to enjoy the majestic views from the top. If you choose to go at this time please note that your way back will be in pitch black darkness in the middle of nowhere.

Location: Mzaar, Faraya, 45 minutes away from Beirut
Distance: 15 KM Loop (Optional trailblazing can cut more than 3km)
Duration: 4 hours total
What to pack: Water, snacks, full hiking gear, headlights or flashlights, power bank, wind jacket, thermal shirt, neck and face cover, sunglasses, sunscreen for sensitive skin.

There is one way to the summit, and it is up. With an elevation gain of 500 meters that you can accomplish in on hour with no breaks, this hike is one of the most challenging I had this year. Not in terms of distance, but in terms of terrain, altitude, and stamina. Your heart will definitely be pounding after each small climb.

Getting there requires you to set your GPS to “Jonction parking” in Aayoun el Simane ( https://goo.gl/maps/MVtbnuxPzVeSE5xN9 ) and park your car there. You have various options of reaching the top and it is unlikely for you to get lost in daytime as all the way up there is marked and easily visible. Just follow the trails and use the ski lifts as reference whenever you need.

There are no flats and no downhills on your way. Only upwards on rocky terrains that will test your feet, knees, and joints! As much as you might get demotivated along the way, keep pushing until your reach the summit where you will find a huge steel cross, a church bell, and a large frame celebrating your accomplishment.

On my hike, we were three people and among us was a local that knew the fast way up there. After opening a nice Rose bottle at the peak, above the clouds, and enjoying the beautiful views, we started our descent around 20 minutes after sunset for 80 minutes of pure darkness under the moonlight. I do not recommend you go there alone or with a small group unless you’re well equipped and experienced.

* Do not go if you have weak legs, heart, or endurance
* You can stop at any point and come back but you will not have the same view as the peak, guaranteed
* Check this post for details and dm me to get access to the video from the peak https://www.instagram.com/p/CwYNi8Xs9ND/?img_index=1
* Have something sweet from Canelle Bakery before you start the hike (ask for their ice-cream filled sweets)

For any help or guidance about this hike, contact me!

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