Ehden and Bcharre Roadtrip

Gather your friends or family and prepare to go on a roadtrip that will change your perspective on Lebanon. Ehden and Bcharre, located in the most beautiful part of Lebanoon, near the Annoubine valley (Valley of the Saints) offers unbeatable views and landscapes.

* Location: Ehden/Bcharre, Mount Lebanon (2 Hours away from Beirut)
* Distance: No hiking / optional
* What to pack: Money, snacks for the road, water, hat, light jacket, sunglasses, running shoes
* It is preferable to go in the morning to avoid traffic and spend a full day
* There is a lot of driving involved, around 200 Km

Here’s my personal roadtrip itinerary and in order:

1- Mar Antonios Kozhaya, a historical monastery sitting on the cliffside of a town called Tourza. This Monastery is home to a cave used by ST. Antonios during his lifetime, in addition to various churches, holy landmarks, and a museum offering a collection of relics and tools used by the saints along the years. You can also see the first printer in the Arab world there, in perfect condition. Here’s the exact location

2- Lady of the Fortress (Saydit el Hosn) which is one of the highest viewpoints of Ehden, overlooking Beirut, the Ayto mountain, Hardine, and surrounding villages. A beautiful church nesting on the top of Ehden Mountains. Here’s the exact location:

3- Kadisha Grotto, an easy 1 km walk to get to the cave entrance where you can enter and discover it for an $8 fee per person. Here’s the exact location:

4- La Jetee in Bcharre, Lebanon’s best viewpoint. You will fall in love with this place, and if you hang around for a bit longer, you will start to understand why is it called this way and why it is the way it is. La Jetee is named after the Ottomans used this place to throw off people into the valley where no one could find them again or retrieve their bodies. Here is the exact location and please watch your steps:

5- Cedars of God reserve: Walk under our thousand year old Cedar trees that represent our beautiful country. You will find souvenirs markets right at the gates. You will likely get ripped off but its worth a visit. Here’s the exact location:

6- Bqaa Kafra, Home of ST. Charbel Makhlouf. A quiet, charming town which happens to be the highest village of Lebanon in Altitude. You can visit St. Charbel’s house and streets that he used to roam. Here’s the exact location:

Make sure you give attention to whatever surrounds each location, I encourage you to explore restaurants, shops, streets, and any landmark you find interesting! This itinerary is just a reference for you to know your way around the region. Get out there and explore! It is a safe region full of hospitable and welcoming people.

* Everything Listed is free to visit and explore except Kadisha Grotto
* There is a secret in Ehden’s Lady of the Fortress, I will only tell you about it if you ask me
* There is a lot more to discover, use my blog as a reference only
* Consider stargazing at night from any point in Ehden, roads there are safe and well taken care of
* Talk to a local before going and let them know you will be around, just in case you need anything
* Have some Sahlab in Ehden’s Midane

If you need any assistance, guidance, or details about this trip, please contact me.

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