Chouwen Trail and Lake

Hands down the best water I have ever swam in. Blue, sandy bottom, perfect temperature amidst stunning nature. This location offers both a challenging reach with a rewarding swim.

* Location: Chouwen, Mount Lebanon, 1 hour away from Beirut
* Distance: 9 Km total hiking distance (Shortest trail to the lake)
* Duration: 2 hours with minimal breaks (To the lake and Back)
* What to pack: Snacks, at least 2 Liters of water, swimwear, extra clothing, towel

Chouwen lake pours into Yahchouch waterfalls mostly known for their 3 waterfall hikes in the Jabal Moussa Reserve. The hike to get to Chouwen is fairly easy but offers some steep downhills that you will have to climb back up on your way back. The trail is well marked, mostly safe, and easy to navigate with staff always present for assistance. If you want the exact starting point, here it is

It tends to get busy on weekends so I recommend going in the middle of the week, and please note that Chouwen lake opens at 7:00 AM till 5:00 PM. I know you might wonder who operates this trail, it is the USAID with the help of local communities. There is a $4 entrance fee upon arrival that will give you access to the whole Jabal Moussa trails. Be careful not to get lost if you plan on taking different routes to reach the lake.

The hike is family friendly and the lake has plenty of natural activities such as cliffs for jumping, hidden caves within the water stream, and tiny rocky islands in the middle of the water to sunbathe and enjoy the views. A sandy beach atmosphere promises a wonderful and unique experience there.

* Take photos on the Balcony overlooking the lake/river
* Make sure to put your stuff away from the water so they don’t get muddy
* Watch your steps! There are small rocks beneath the soil that can hurt your feet
* Bbq, camping, and pets are NOT allowed
* Get a guide if you’re unfamiliar with trail marks and navigation

If you need any detail about this hike, feel free to contact me!

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