Channel 11 Full Moon Hike

Is it Kfarselwen? Qornayel? Or Falougha? This never ending debate between locals and trail fanatics will surely have you confused. So I’m just going to call it Falougha for now cause it’s the most common one.

This beautiful experience above the clouds left us completely stunned by how easy and scenic was the whole hike. This was my first time doing the Channel 11 hike and I will definitely do it again and again.

* Distance: 15 km for the whole trail
* Duration: 4 Hours
* Elevation gain/loss: 600 meters
* What to pack: Snacks, food, water, jacket, beanie, headlamp, hiking gear.
* Trail type: gravel + dirt

To start this trail, you have two options, you either go park next to the Lebanese Flag outpost (First Lebanese flag ever raised – and you begin there for a 7 KM climb until you reach Channel 11. What is Channel 11? It is an old French military outpost that turned into a tv station which now became an abandoned structure that triggers your thoughts on what it used to be like. Second option is parking next to the Soha factory which will make your journey a little longer. The trails are LMT marked (Purple and white).

I know the elevation gain appears challenging, but it’s a slow paced climb so you will not face heavy uphills on your way. The way is the same way you take, or you can head for the lakes in Qornayel and have some calm time chilling out. Make sure you have your transportation figured out.

One very important thing is that you will need a municipality clearance to hike, why? This is new law that was passed by the officials to prevent strangers from heading for the trails, littering and setting things on fire. So the municipal police will be aware that you are up there, and will have your number in case of emergency.

Pro tips:
* Get your clearance a few days before, no need for trouble
* Go with a guide or a local for a better experience
* If you plan to do it on sunset time, make sure you watch your steps on the way back (Be careful of scorpions)
* Get moderate clothing to face the cold and wind

If you need any help of guidance planning this trip, please contact me.

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